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Smart homes are new concepts for one meaning, which is automation, and it means using a computer to carry out various tasks with manual control, for example, turning on the external lighting of the house at sunset and turning it off at sunset. Sunrise. Read more


The smart home works with scenarios or events, for example, sunset or sunrise. This type of scenario is implemented by time, and there are other scenarios associated with manual control by the homeowner, others related to opening the gates of the house, and many, many more.

Smart screens decorate the walls of the smart home, through which you can manually implement various scenarios, as well as control lighting, air conditioning, curtains and much more.

smart touch screen used in smart home

At Spectrum, we were keen to design these screens in an easy and simple way. From the first glance, the user can deal with these screens almost without training. In one screen, the user finds all the functions required in his room.

room touch screen

The screens come in different sizes to take into account the user’s desire for the appropriate size for his smart home. This is one of the most important features of Spectrum in its ability to customize screens in different sizes to suit different tastes.


Choosing the right smart system for your home is not as easy as some might think. We searched at Spectrum for the best of these systems until we came with conviction to the Homeseer system, which helped us a lot in designing these screens and employing them well to serve the user.

KNX key pad for smart home

Device control comes with other options such as touch keys for the KNX system. The user can choose the colors and shapes that suit him in harmony with the interior design of his home, which creates an atmosphere of luxury and beauty.

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