Smart Home

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We simplify your life at your smart home, integrating your different devices in one platform, and helping you to monitor and control your it at any time and from any place.

room touch screen

We understand your needs, we know how busy you are in every day, and you don’t have time to navigate in multiple screen, with your room touch screen you will be able to:

  • turn on all lights or turn off all lights.
  • turn on all media or turn off all media.
  • open all curtains or close all curtains.
  • turn on allAC or turn off all AC and set the desired temperature.
and because you are busy, we provide you the best feature to turn every thing on when you arrive your room, or to turn every thing off when you leave your room.
more smart home integrations can be found in our services page.

Direct access to what you need

Our user interface design is easy, simple, and no training is required, you can switch on and off multiple devices and system from one single screen, you can navigate to other screen to turn on or off specific devices.

Smart Home Automation Gateway

HomeSeer Software is the heart of the Smart Home system, it works as a gateway to connect all the devices together, It provide one of the most important features which we need in any system, which is the customised user interface screens.