Refund policy and terms of service

Replacement, Exchange or Refund policy is applicable only for the products which have technical issues within warranty period. Your product will be replaced with a new one within 12 months of purchase, No refund or exchange will be given if product has no issues like – damage or technical issues.

The warranty will be not applicable if there is no proof of purchase.

The warranty does not apply to: 

Damaged due to improper wiring, incorrect usage, a problem in the electrical installation or any other circumstance. 

Connected load should not be more than recommended load as mentioned in the datasheet. No refund or exchange will be given if product is damaged because of over loading.

Mechanical damages (cracks, fractures, cuts, abrasions, physical deformations caused by impact, falling or dropping the device or other object, improper use or not observing the operating manual) 

Damages resulting from external causes, e.g.: flood, storm, fire, lightning, natural disasters, theft, water damage, liquid leakage, weather conditions, sunlight, sand, moisture, high or low temperature, air pollution.

Damages caused by malfunctioning software, attack of a computer virus, or by failure to update the software as recommended by the Manufacturer.

Damages resulting from: surges in the power and/or telecommunication network, improper connection to the grid in a manner, inconsistent with the operating manual, or from connecting other devices not recommended by the Manufacturer.

Damages caused by operating or storing the device in extremely adverse conditions, i.e. high humidity, dust, too low (freezing) or too high ambient temperature. Detailed permissible conditions for operating the Device are defined in the operating manual,

Note- Any refund will be processed only for actual product price, delivery charges will not be refunded. Customer should prepay shipping and transportation charges for returned device

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