ُThe following services are the one we provide for Smart Home, it is very important to rely on the professional company to minimise the conflict between the devices, and to get the maximum performance from your system.


It is the most important infrastructure for the automation system

Home wired network

It is the infrastructure which all important devices will rely on, your WIFI nodes, home automation gateway, CCTV, intercom, and video streaming devices will use it.

Home WIFI network

it connect your entire house devices wirelessly, mobile phone, laptops, TVs and many other devises connected to the internet.

Sound System

Enjoy the sound every place in your house

Wired or Wireless speaker

you can enjoy listening to your favourite music or radio FM in any place in your house or your garden.

Home cinema

Watch your movies in your house with a real cinema experience.

The time and the place is yours

you can enjoy watching your favourite movies with your family in your house any time you prefer.

Light Control

Control your lights from app, wall controllers, or simply create events.

You can simplify your life with events

you can automat the daily work and assign it to the automation system, your outdoor lights will be under your system control to turn it on or off, and keep your self busy in something else.

AC control

Control your ambient room temperature.

You will arrive to your house with a comfortable temperature

you can control your AC from your smart home system using different ways, you can schedule the On or Off times with your preferred temperature and fan speed, yo can also controlled directly by mobile, you can also control it by different way like the geolocation

Curtain control

Control your curtain.

Your system can help you to control your curtain

You can minimise the consumption of the energy by closing the curtain and prevent solar radiation penetrate the window to your house, the automation system can close your curtain at night for your privacy, and can open it in the morning to enjoy the sunrise light.

Gate control

From the app of your smart system

Your system can help you to control your gate


Monitor your house

Security camera can be easily integrated with our HomeSeer automation system.


It connect all your house rooms and gate

You can communicate with all the rooms easily using IP phones, you can answer the doorbell and talk with your guest and open the door for him.

New solutions

We can help you for any thing in your mind

If you didn't find what you need we could search for do a research for a solutions, we are capable to think out of the box the bring a creative ideas.
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